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A Model for Urban Student Engagement and Achievement
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Strategy #6:


1.  Try to provide one-on-one help
for Target Population
2.  It’s a form of Consequence for students who didn’t pay attention or
learn the objective during class

The last aspect of the model stresses the importance of providing extra one on one help for the target population.  Despite the culturally responsive instruction, checking for understanding in a step-by-step personal manner and rigorous exit price, there may be a few kids who still are left behind.  They need that one on one attention.  Therefore, I circulate to the target population and am able to help kids individually.

I also use lunch time or after school time to provide one-on-one tutoring for students who need extra help. I usually devote at least 2-3 hours a week for after school tutoring for my most struggling students who did not demonstrate mastery on the exit price. I use my Metro PCS speed dial to contact parents and make sure students come. I don't ask students to come for after school tutoring. I demand and make sure students come for extra one-on-one help!

Also, I use my superstar students to help other kids.  I call them “superstar tutors.”  When they are done with their work, I tell them to help other struggling kids and give them 30 points for doing so.  Therefore, use the exit price time to circulate and help kids individually and use superstar tutors to help their peers.

Use your Superstar Students to Provide One-on-One for target students and give 50 points to their grade.  Your Superstar Students can become the best One-on-One tutors.
How to Provide One-on-One
tutoring to struggling students:

1.  Circulate and help struggling students individually
2.  Use Superstar tutors to help struggling students
3.  Aggressively make students stay after school by
offering extra points to their grade, calling coaches,
parents... whatever it takes to raise their grade!

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