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A Model for Urban Student Engagement and Achievement
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13 Point C.R.E.A.T.E. Implementation Plan

1. Teach How Students Will Learn

Do you Make the Standards Based Content Easy/Relevant So Students Could Understand?(Build on what they already know, use students’ vocabulary, their stories)

2. Engaging Delivery

Do you explain concept Step by Step Personally Interacting with all students (targeting struggling, under the radar kids)? Do you hold their attention during your lecture?

3. Goals for Teachers and Students

Do you have an objective mission for the school year that is clear to you and your students that drives the teaching & learning?

4. Positive Learning Climate

Do you clearly discuss your expectations with students and do you enforce them?  Are students listening to IPOD or disruptive during your lecture?  Are students seated where they can focus best?

5. Individual Contract with Most Challenging Individual Students

Do you develop relationships with most challenging students, their parents and create an individual contract of mutual agreements?

6. Reward Learning and Citizenship

Do you enforce a system that rewards learning and great character frequently? Is it “cool” to be a good student? Do all students “Buy In”? Does your system make it “hard” to be mediocre?

7. Teach Essentials Until Mastery

Does your lesson planning and pacing guide enable your students to master essential standards? Do you make sure your students master essential standards before moving on to other concepts?

8. O-bjective

Do you provide in your lessons a measurable objective that can be mastered in 1 period that builds students from where they are at?

9. T-each-Back
(Guided Mastery)

Do you Personally check for understanding and make students “Teach-Back” concepts throughout lesson? Do you make sure students, especially target students, are prepared to show mastery on the exit price?

10. *I-ndependent Exit Price
(Independent Mastery)

Do you provide an exit price and make students prove they are able to do objective alone by end of class? Do you hold students accountable to doing the exit price? Do you grade exit price in class and make failing students redo exit price for mastery?

11. S-piral & Re-teach Missed Concepts

Do You Re-Teach / Spiral Any Missed Essential Concepts On Exit Price Based on Previous Assessment?

12. Exposing Students to Test Models

Do you regularly include test model questions on the exit price and prepare them to succeed on test?

13. One on One Tutoring

Do you or superstar students provide one on one help for the most struggling students?

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